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ORANGE, California, December 13, 2013 – fotoShout™ today announced the release of fotoShout v1.0 after a 4 month beta program. This release delivers the most innovative and powerful digital marketing extension for professional photographers, brand managers, agencies and event managers. Proven results have indicated dramatic increases in brand exposure, reach and web traffic.

“This has been a vision of mine for several year now,” said Doug Carraway, co-founder of fotoShout™. “As a professional event photographer I knew there had to be a way I could bring significantly more value to my clients. We now have the ability to take the actual photograph and instantly place it into our client’s social stream, driving event guests and their friends to our client’s site. The metrics have been stunning.”

fotoShout™ is a permission based software solution that is a transparent and automated conduit between the event photographer and online destinations. Once a photograph is taken, support staff previews the image with the guest(s) and acquires their e-mail, data requested by the event sponsor, and signed permission to post the image. Upon approval, the image is posted to the event sponsors social media site(s). Within seconds, guests are forwarded a customized e-mail providing access to their image.

“We used fotoShout during last summer’s US Open in Huntington Beach, California with one of our retailers. It’s one of the biggest surfing events and we felt it would be an ideal way to get our consumers engaged with O’Neill online and to drive traffic to our social media sites,” said Cedar Carter of O’Neill Clothing. “fotoShout™ was great to work with and we were very pleased with the results.”

fotoShout™ event setup, along with post event engagement, broadcast, user and channel metrics, tracking, and report generation are easily managed through the fotoShout™ web portal. fotoShout™ extends an events reach by an average of 5,000%. Events occurring with attendees in the 18 to 30 age group are significantly higher.

“I am utterly impressed with how much further my reach is when using fotoShout™,” said Adam Guss of Adam Guss Agency State Farm. “I’ve always thought that the number of impressions I got on Facebook was high, but the pictures I’ve posted using fotoShout™ have done 10 times better than anything I’ve posted in the past. Very impressive!”

About fotoShout™

fotoShoutTM provides a software-based solution that seamlessly extends the value of branded images into the social stream to help brands, and sponsors capture guest contact information with signed permission to contact, dramatically increases impressions and reach, and ultimately drives brand exposure and web traffic. fotoShout delivers value “beyond the click.”

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