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Trade Show exhibitors spend thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars for exhibit booth space, additional expenses to dress the set, brochures, electricity, transportation, employee expense, lodging, etc.  A large expense in an effort to generate leads, sales, and brand awareness.  Did the key Ring giveaway assist in meeting these goals?  NO!  The key ring a waste of money, time, and resources for the exhibitor?[content_box style=”royal-blue” title=”Building Brand Awareness – Driving Engagement – Generating Sales Leads – Having Attendees Know Who You Are and What’s Going On Can Be Difficult”]

This was why our staff used their decades of experience, development skills, and IT technical knowledge to create fotoShout™ and “The fotoShout Experience”.  The fotoShout Experience helps marketing executives, brand managers and event planners generate leads, build a contact data base, entertain event attendees, ultimately increasing traffic to the event sponsors designated web sites.

fotoShout brings people into the trade show booth, entertains guests at an event, enhances brand awareness, creates content, while increasing brand reach, engagement, and post clicks by an average of 5,000%.

Please explore the fotoShout™ web site and The fotoShout Experience for full details, images and metrics.  Contact us with any questions you have.
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