According to L2 Inc.( advertisers paid up to 5 million for a 30 second ad aired during the Super Bowl, generating a 26¢ to $114 Cost Per Social Interaction(CPSI).
Most advertisers CPSI was $1 to $5 not including the cost of the commercials production, or talent.  The Super Bowl has a substantial audience pool, but metrics demonstrate the ads broadcast during the game were unable to produce substantial results for all advertisers.Game CPSI 6x4 sm file
In the past options to reach a large and targeted audience were definitely limited, but that no longer holds true.  Alternatives such as fotoShout are now available with the ability to entertain as well as target an audience, create a call to action, drive guests to a designated site, collect customer data for follow up, permission based, and creates content.

fotoShout with a CPSI of 1¢ to 10¢ including production costs, has created a proven & trackable technology that has companies, brands, associations, and charitable organizations changing their traditional marketing methods.

New technologies such as fotoShout are scalable, create an interactive environment, produce additional touchpoints, have higher marketing results than ever before possible.
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