This quarters issue of “The Experts Tips” explores the topics of security threats at events, white labeled events, budgeting for future events, and many other subjects, brought to you by industry experts.

Security Threats At An Event –

Bravo Productions

In planning events and meetings, one can never put too much emphasis into creating   a safe environment for attendees.  Some planners may think the worst possible scenario is unlikely to happen to them, however, those planners who have gone through security threats will tell you it can happen to anyone.

Trade Show ROI?

fS – Paul Pabian

Companies participate in trade shows and conferences for several reasons. • Bring about brand awareness • Develop real prospects • Sell an item or product at an event • Etc. The associated costs for participation in a trade show or conference is impacted by line items like

How To Score A Touchdown While Marketing At A Sporting Event


Whether it’s tailgating or celebrating after a big win, sports can bring thousands of people together in a grand way. If you’re a sponsor or vendor at these events, you’ll want to create every opportunity possible to get your company in on the action.

Your Booth, Your Events, Are They White Labeled?


Should your client, your company spend tens of thousands of dollars to advertise for another firm?  Of course not!  Are the vendors your using white labeling?  Are they rebranding their  

Budgeting For Future Events

Bixel & Company

Yes, every event is in the future, but when every dollar counts against you and your competition, how do you budget for future events? It’s a sensitive subject for many and it doesn’t have an easy answer. Event Planners must strive to present estimates to their clients while 

Your Office, Move, Stay, Lease, Buy?

Coldwell Banker

A large expense of a business is office space. Southern California has always been a very popular real-estate market, commercial, and residential. Let’s discuss a specific sector in Southern California

Is Your Organization Immune To Employment Related Claims?

Canzone Insurance Agency

It does not matter how big or small your company is or what industry you are in. Your organization is not immune to employment related claims. More than 90,000 cases of workplace discrimination 

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