This quarters issue of “The Experts Tips” explores the topics of good & bad speakers, specialty food bars, when the event is over, and many other subjects, brought to you by industry experts.

Specialty Food Bars

Bixel & Company

Specialty food bars should be on the top of every event planner ’s list of opportunities in 2019.  Poke bar, risotto bar, cold pressed juice bar.  Chefs and baristas can really turn any ingredient into a themed… 

How To Choose A Keynote Speaker

Bravo Productions

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Do’s, and The Don’ts For Selecting Key Note Speakers.   One professional sports figure, who will remain nameless, was hired to participate in a program. They are a true legend. The client spent a fortune to have them appear.  

How To Attract Event Sponsors


A sponsorship activation MUST be a multipurpose, multi strand investment to benefit companies. Activations MUST engage with customers, creating exposure & brand enhancement, with data collection, to create metrics, proving the events failure, or success.

New Season, New Marketing Tactics:

How To Attract A Crowd At Fall Festivals


With the first day of Fall right around the corner, festivals are sure to follow. Whether you’ve already signed up or are in the process of it, you want to make a plan to attract a crowd. Get ahead of the curve and utilize these unique tactics:

The Show Is Over, Now What?

fS – Paul Pabian

You have packed up the booth, given away all the collateral material and given away all your ad specialties (whatever they might have been). What does your organization have to show for your investment of time and money?
Hopefully, a lot of data collection from either business cards that were

Commercial Real Estate Q3 in Doldrum. Will Rent Be Less?

Coldwell Banker

Commercial real estate enters into Q3 with a bit of doldrum. The “big” hype currently is cannabis. The new tax hope for the never enough crowd in Sacramento has, perhaps, created opportunities for some dead in the water properties.

Cyber Attack!

Canzone Insurance Agency

Cyber Attacks are the #2 concern among small businesses. Is your business protected?  According to the FBI 1 in 5 businesses were victim of a data breach or cyber attack in 2018. This is double the number of the attacks that occurred in 2015. It is estimated….

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