This quarters issue of “The Experts Tips” explores paper vs. technology, value of your attendees, meeting disruptions, many topics brought to you by industry experts.

Are Your Attendees Worth a Bag of Chips?


 Are you putting the cart before the horse? Tripping over dollars picking up pennies. All old idioms most of us have heard before. Our new one is, “Are Your Attendees Worth a Bag of Chips?” When planning a break, or a reception, or a cocktail hour, most event team’s


Bravo Productions

Some disruptions have taken the form of an attendee who arrives late and tends to be noisy getting themselves situated in the meeting. Another scenario is an attendee who attempts to hijack the seminar by talking extensively to the audience about their experience

How To Make Your Holiday Party Top Of Mind


Holiday parties are always on people’s calendars this time of year. From family get-togethers to business events, they look forward to creating memories with co-workers, friends, and loved ones. To ensure that your company’s holiday party is on people’s to-do list, implement these three


Bixel & Company

For all of the tech tools that have made event production, task management, and just about every form of communication more streamlined, I still prefer physical paper and a 3-ring binder when it comes to…

But I’m Not on an Elevator!

fS – Paul Pabian

Here is the scene: Staff is in the booth, brochures and collaterals ready, banner is up, the big screen TV on. The doors open, here come all the show attendees, goodie bags in hand, anxious to get their hands on the first key ring, spin the wheel, get a prize, drop their card for the latest iPad.  In reality, the oncoming meeting attendees really represent……

Last Minute Relocation

Coldwell Banker

I received an email from an agent in our office asking if I would contact her acquaintance, who needed a new location. They had to be out of their current location, and into a new facility in 30 days. In order accomplish this task we would…

Blah, Blah, Blah….


Is that what you hear when the photographer is explaining what equipment they use, why, and how it benefits your clients. Is what being offered perfect, is it professional, or is it amateur hour? Some basic information event planners should know about….

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