Music Venue Marketing

The fotoShout Experience provides music venues with one of the best ways to independently reach out to local concert audiences. As concerts take place, fotoShout works on site to create an entertaining branded photography experience. The photos and data captured result in marketing material which is used to generate future event/venue awareness, ticket sales and a limitless digital mailing list of people who have attend your shows.

To better understand how it works – fotoShout helps venues direct event attendees to specific online destinations where branded images of the attendees have been placed for public access. These online destinations could be a landing page, website or social media channel that has specific promotional information. Promotions could feature upcoming concerts, VIP or bottle service specials

Besides directing traffic from audiences who attended an event, all participants of the fotoShout Experience can continue to be nurtured for future business.

Promoters can only do so much for shows with outdated interruption marketing techniques. The fotoShout Experience takes a permission based marketing approach to reach audiences with personalized and expected content (pictures) to grow future sales and nurture relationships.

Contact us today to see how fotoShout can maximize your venue’s awareness and ticket sales.

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