What is fotoShout™?

fotoShout™ is a permission based software solution that automates the gathering and distribution of branded images to various web sites and social media destinations for the purpose of driving brand visibility, reach and visitors.

Who uses fotoShout™?

Marketing executives, brand managers, and event planners that want to amplify the benefit of event photographs with branded images to increase brand awareness, extended reach within the social stream and ultimately increase traffic to designated web sites.

How is fotoShout™ typically used?

How is fotoShout™ typically used?

fotoShout™ is simply a transparent and automated conduit between the event photographer and online destinations.  Once a photograph is taken, support staff previews the image with the guest(s) and acquires their email and signed permission to post the image.  Upon approval, the image is posted and the guests are forwarded an email providing access to the image.

Why use fotoShout™?

During beta testing, fotoShout™ increased the brand reach by an average of 5,000%.  For example, if 100 photographs were taken at an event, an estimated 5,000 people would view those images within 48 hours.

How does fotoShout™ help photographers?

Event operators and sponsors spend thousands of dollars to provide their guests a commemorative photograph to increase visibility of their brand at an event.  Guests want a digital copy.  fotoShout™ provides guests with the digital image and additionally amplifies the value of these branded images into the social stream.

fotoShout™ amplifies the reach of your client’s brand, drives guests to your client’s web site and social media sites.  fotoShout™ collects personal information with permission to contact the guests.  fotoShout™ publisher tracks given information and publishing content to generate detailed reports/metrics to characterize the performance of images that are posted.  fotoShout™ generates additional revenue for photographers, or is the reason clients want to hire a photographer for their event.  After spending 100k or more on an event, why would the marketing department not hire a photographer to expand their reach by 5,000%, a minuscule fee compared to the overall event budget?

How does fotoShout™ work?

After the guest’s image has been captured, manipulated (branded overlay added, background, etc.), fotoShout™ transfers the guest’s digital image to a tablet, or numerous tablets operated by assistants. The assistants collect the guest’s e-mail address, along with additional information the photographer’s client would like to collect. (i.e. name, title, address, telephone number, signature, etc.) The selections are predetermined before the event begins. The guest selects whether they want their digital image to be published to the event’s social media sites. The guest signs on the tablet giving permission to e-mail them and to post their digital image. The digital image is automatically removed from the fotoShout™ event queue. fotoShout™ then automatically transfers the image to the client’s social media sites and/or web sites, and sends the guest an e-mail. The e-mail is another branding opportunity for the client to touch the guest when delivering the digital image. fotoShout™ retains e-mail addresses, all content collected and created during and after the publishing process, including social media content. The metrics are used to create detailed reports for the client’s brand managers and marketing executives.

How long does it take to train staff to use fotoShout™ at events?

No more than 5 minutes. The fotoShout™ application for onsite events operates on iPads. Staff is shown how to log in, preview images, and capture guest information. fotoShout™ developers designed an easy-to-use iPad interface ensuring smooth operations even during the busiest moments of an event.

What social media sites does fotoShout™ work with?

fotoShout supports 12 unique destinations including:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Pages
  • Flickr
  • Photobucket
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Slideshare
  • Email
  • and custom destinations
Can images be posted to a client’s website?

Yes.  Standard platforms such as WordPress and Blogger are supported.  Additionally, custom or proprietary website solutions can be linked for an additional fee.

Can we post the images to multiple locations at the same time?

Yes.  For example, a client may want to post images from an event on their own website, in addition to their Facebook page and an album on Flickr.  The combinations are endless.

What happens if there is no live internet connection at the event?

fotoShout™ manages all the images until access to the internet is established.  Whenever an internet connection is available, fotoShout™ automatically starts the upload process, posting operations and the sending of emails to the guests.

What kind of e-mail does the guest receive?

fotoShout™ provides several out-of-the-box email templates.  Templates can be tailored to the nature of the event.  HTML images may also be placed within the email.

What type of reports does fotoShout™ provide?
  • Broadcast metrics – Broadcast performances and publishing activity & engagements
  • Engagement metrics – Engagement by unique channels, channel types, channel groups, and campaigns
  • User metrics – User summary, user comparisons, login activity
  • Channel metrics – Publishing by channel type, publishing by unique channels and  engagements by unique channels
  • All acquired information – E-mail, first name, last name, image file number, permission to publish, signature, etc.  All information collected by fotoShout at the event is available to view on fotoShout Publisher as a report, or as an XLS file.
What type of operating system does fotoShout™ work with?

fotoShout™ has been designed to work with and use the most up to date Microsoft sql database available in the Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

What tablet interface is available for use with fotoShout™?

fotoShout™ is compatible with Apple iPads and iPad minis.

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