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Winter 2014

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fotoShout™ was launched in early 2013 with the expressed mission of delivering the most innovative extension for professional photographers and brand and event managers with software that seamlessly extends the value of branded images into the social stream. The results help brands and sponsors capture guest contact information, dramatically increase impressions and reach, and ultimately drive brand exposure and web traffic. Since the company’s founding, fotoShout™ has been proven in over 30 events and publishing over 15,000 images into the social stream.

The people behind fotoShout™ bring together the ideal balance of experience in the photography industry and software technology and development. Doug Carraway has over 30 years of experience operating his own photography business with the past decade devoted to supporting event activities across the globe. Martin van der Roest has been involved in the software development space since PCs were first introduced in the early 1980s. Doug and Martin have enjoyed a friendship for over 20 years.



1592 North Batavia

Orange, California





Privately held and funded by the founders Doug Carraway and Martin van der Roest

Tag Line

“Beyond the Click”

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Doug Carraway


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