How fotoShout Works!

fotoShout™ is comprised of a combination of software that includes cloud based services coupled with both PC and iPad based applications. This functionality is unified and transparent to the photographer and/or fotoShout™ users.

Described below is an overview of the fotoShout™ environment and its operational and setup processes.


There are six (6) primary components required to operate fotoShout™. They include a camera, PC, iPad (or iPad Mini), Wi-Fi router to connect the PC and iPad, and an internet connection used to communicate between the PC and the fotoShout™ cloud service, and at least 1 social media and/or website destination to which the images will be posted. There can be multiple cameras, PCs and iPads.

fotoShout™ is an “event” centric solution. This means that the operations and setup are based on an event. Each event is characterized by date(s) of the event, sponsor(s) information, data to be captured from guests, social media and/or websites to which images are posted and other related attributes.

An event is defined at the fotoShout™ cloud service (see Setup below for details). Once defined the event information is transferred via an internet connection to the PC. The PC must be preconfigured with the fotoShout™ Dynamic Synchronization Service (DSS). The DSS is effectively the orchestrator between all of the components needed to operate fotoShout™.

fotoShout™ works within your existing process of taking and printing an image. Once an image is printed, fotoShout is automatically activated. Upon activation, an iPad is used to capture guest information and approval. The image is then transferred to the fotoShout™ cloud service and posts the image to the selected social media or website destination. An email with links to the destination is sent to the user.

All transactions are logged including traffic and engagement activities at the destinations. This information can be reported upon in various ways.


The camera, PC and iPad are used at the location of the event. A live internet connection to the fotoShout services is optional once the event information is transferred to the PC.

After each picture is printed, the fotoShout™ DSS process is activated. The images are automatically transferred to the iPad. Multiple iPads can be active at each event location.

While the guest is awaiting their printed image, the operator of the iPad has an opportunity to review the image with the guest and prompts their approval for posting. Assuming the guest agrees, the operator captures their name, email address and a signature approval.

Once images are approved for publishing, they are automatically removed from the iPad(s) “in-process” queue and transferred to the fotoShout™ cloud service if an internet connection is available. If an internet connection is not available, the upload can occur at a later time when connectivity is available. Approved images removed from the queue are still available for viewing on the iPad within a History folder.

Images received by the fotoShout™ cloud service are validated for approval and then posted to the predefined social media and/or web site(s). The location of each post (URL) is captured and placed in a predefined email template. Emails are then sent to the guest. This process typically occurs within a few seconds. As a result, if internet connectivity is available at the event location, guests are able to immediately see their posted picture at the social media site(s) and comment and/or share with others.

All of the activities from the time of print, approval, and ongoing engagements at the posted destination are logged and available for reporting. Guest information can be exported.

Setup and Configuration

The fotoShout™ cloud service acts as the hub for all of the components of fotoShout™. This is where events are created and managed, images are stored and posted to external destinations and reports are generated.

Each PC used at an event must be setup and configured with the fotoShout™ DSS. The DSS is downloaded to the PC. Any future updates to the DSS are automatically installed at the PC when it is connected to the fotoShout™ cloud service.

Each iPad must also be setup with the fotoShout™ iPad application. This application is available for download from the Apple App Store. Like the PC application, any future updates to the iPad version are automatically updated when the iPad is connected to the internet.

Once these two hardware components are setup, the account administrator can define and manage new events. This process includes characterizing the nature of the event, dates, sponsor information, email templates, data to be captured from guests, and identity of the site(s) to which the images will be published.

fotoShout™ can publish to all major social media and website platforms. Moreover, fotoShout™ can publish simultaneously to an unlimited number of destinations. Before a destination can be used, the account administrator must be granted access. This is done on a one time basis using an industry standard authentication process. The process will not store access credentials in fotoShout™.

Once new events are created, all PCs and iPads are automatically updated via the DSS.

At this point, the operational process as previously described is ready to be supported.

For each account, fotoShout™ supports an unlimited number of events, images, sites that can be posted to, PCs, iPad users, and photographers.

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