fotoShout was designed not only to entertain event attendees, but create a new sponsorship opportunity, creating additional revenue for the event.  fotoShout does not draw down on the event budget, but generates additional income for associations, charities, trade-shows, and sporting events.

e.g. At an annual conference we completed a “Casino” themed event.  The sponsorship opportunity generated a $5,000 fee for the association, we received $2,400.  The association generated $2,600. in positive revenue.  For conference/convention producers in several states, a $5,000 to $10,000 fee is charged to engage the sponsorship opportunity.  Our fee might range between $2,000 and $5,000.  Thereby generating the event producer, a positive income of $3,000. to $6,000.

Does fotoShout place an extra financial burden on the current sponsors.  NO!


 1) A fotoShout sponsorship opportunity attracts new/additional sponsors.

 2) Sponsor spend thousands of dollars to reach the attendees visually at the event, and prior to the event.  fotoShout services as an addon opportunity allow sponsors to reach the attendees directly during the event, and numerous times post event (with signed permission), for pennies per social interaction.

 3) A sponsor’s challenge is to justify the expense of sponsoring an event, and determining ROI.  Because fotoShout collects attendee data, drives guests to a specific site, sponsors are able track reach, engagement, likes, email open rate, overall the social interactions.  These metrics help marketing directors justify the expense of their entire sponsorship investment.

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