Why Use fotoShout™?

To increase ROI, increase sales, track-able metrics, detailed reports, internet connection not needed during event, publish to sponsors social sites not the guests social sites



 At a typical event with most event attendees being 50+ years of age.  fotoShout™ increased the client’s brand reach by an average of 5,000%, compared to the number of images posted.  The average increases substantially for event with younger demographics.

Impressions – Using Facebook statistics the average number of Facebook friends as of April 2013 is 510 for the 18-24 age group. If 300 photographs are taken of guests at an event, and processed, using fotoShout™, posting to only one social media site -Facebook- your event impressions would be between 30,600 and 39,790. Below is the statistical breakdown.

  • 300 x 510 = 153,000 friends
  • Facebook has given us the statistic, 20% of friends will comment on another users photo
  • 20% of 153,000 would be 30,600 impression
  • 22% comment on another person post – 33,660 impressions
  • 26% “Like” another user’s content – 39,780 impressions

fotoShout™ Increases An Events Value

Businesses spend tens of thousands, of dollars and more to execute even small events. Marketing Executives, Brand Managers, Sponsors, Associations, Charities all want to maximize their brands visibility and influence beyond the scope of each event. fotoShout™ amplifies the visibility, the reach of a client’s brand, drives event guests to the brands selected web and social media sites, expanding the businesses reach, increasing impressions with signed permission of the guests. What marketing executive does not want to expand their reach, impressions, post clicks, and permission to e-mail the guests for a minuscule fee compared to the overall budget. Additionally reports and metrics are available to assist in justifying the event, trade-show, meet and greet, or venues expense.

What type of metrics & reports does fotoShout™ provide?

  • Broadcast metrics – Broadcast performances and publishing activity & engagements
  • Engagement metrics – Engagement by unique channels, channel types, channel groups and campaigns
  • User Metrics – User Summary, user comparisons, login activity
  • Channel Metrics – Publishing by channel type, publishing by unique channels and engagements by unique channels.
  • All acquired Information – Information gathered is configurable. E-mail addresses, first name, last name, image file number, permission to publish, signature, etc. All information gathered by fotoShout at the event is available to our clients.


fotoShout™ Feature and Comparison Chart 

We are the only solution that uploads to the sponsors site not to the guests site, the only permission based solution, the only solution where a live internet connection is not necessary. View the comparison chart for more features.



fotoShout vs “Others” Comparison Chart

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