Where can fotoShout™ be used?

fotoShout™ was developed to amplify any events social media reach through photographs. Brand Managers, Marketing Directors, Event planners, Personnel Appearances, Publicists, are always seeking a way to increase their brand’s reach, create stronger brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website and social media platforms. fotoShout™ can be used at corporate functions, trade-shows, conferences, meet & greets, sporting events, concerts, fundraisers, charities, all venues and events looking for greater reach and engagement.

Event sponsors are willing to pay higher sponsorship fees when their brand’s reach is amplified well beyond the actual attendees.fotoShout™ drives event attendees to your client’s or their sponsor’s social media pages. Your client not only has the ability to interact with event attendees through branded images, but also through custom emails. Additional social media interactions can be accomplished by publishing images to numerous social media sites during the event at the same time, such as your clients Facebook Page, and their Flickr account. fotoShout™ entertains guests while creating a new level of excitement for your event, while increasing the ROI by 10,000%. Companies spending thousands of dollars on events are looking for a simple and affordable, positive way to expand their reach and gain more exposure.

  • Publishing photos to a company’s Facebook Page from a small event of 100 guests in the 18 to 24 age group now has a reach of up to 33,000 people.
  • Branded images are now a business tool, not just entertainment.
  • Companies with limited budgets investing in a trade-show booth may have been on the borderline of deciding whether to spend “X” amount of dollars hiring a professional photographer to reach 300 people within their booth. But with fotoShout it’s an easy decision when the 300 attendees will amplify their brand’s to reach to 15,000, or 30,000, or more people.

Brand Managers Producers

Additional information for brand manager & event producers.

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