fotoShout software upgraded October, 2017,

fotoShout® growth continues by extending the value of their client’s brands, increasing brand engagement, with lead generation.  fotoShout continues growth by continuing to update, and upgrade.  October 2017 saw the third round of updates, and upgrades to fotoShout this year.

fotoShout e-mail template “delete” feature wad improved.

fotoShout’s  “authentication” feature was was upgraded.

The fotoShout “permalink” menu was upgraded.

fotoShout the market leader.

About fotoShout™

fotoShoutTM provides a software-based solution that seamlessly extends the value of branded images into the social stream to help brands, and sponsors capture guest contact information with signed permission to contact, dramatically increases impressions and reach, and ultimately drives brand exposure and web traffic. fotoShout delivers value “beyond the click.”

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