fotoShout™ serves brand and event managers with a software application combined with digital photography, custom backgrounds, custom overlays, and onsite printing, seamlessly extending the value of branded images into the social stream.  Capturing guest contact information for brands and sponsors, dramatically increases social media interactions, ultimately driving brand exposure, and web traffic to the designated specific site.

fotoShout takes branded images, publishes them to a wide range of social media and content marketing destinations. A highly integrated combination of PC based software and hosted services coupled with permission based functionality that simultaneously captures user contact information, is accessible and managed from a browser based portal. Events and destination channels configurable.  Brands in turn can leverage events to receive opt-in contacts, significantly increase visibility and reach. Hence, fotoShout™ delivers value “Beyond the Click.”

The two co-founders of the company bring together the ideal balance of experience in the photography industry and software technology and development. Doug Carraway has over 30 years of experience operating his own photography business with the past decade devoted to supporting event activities across the globe. Martin van der Roest has been involved in the software development space since PCs were first introduced in the early 1980s. Besides being friends for over 25 years, they have now combined their professional experiences to extend the value of photographic images unlike anything being accomplished globally.

Since the company’s founding in February 2013, fotoShout™ has proven it’s abilities at events for numerous companies.

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