Gala’s and Charities

Gala’s and Charities need to derive revenue to support their mission statement.

fotoShout aids gala’s & charities in obtaining there goals, fulfilling their mission statement, and improve revenues by increasing the events value to sponsors and guests.  Simply, fotoShout goes “Beyond the Click,” with branded images printed on site, uploaded to designated web sites, permission to contact, permission to post, track-able metrics, and promotional opportunities.  fotoShout “Beyond the Click” allows sponsor to justify the expenditures of supporting your events.  They no longer are reaching hundreds of people there reaching tens of thousands.

  • fotoShout Entertains Guests – Entices guests to attend the event, images are branded with Association/Charity logo, and sponsor logo.

  • fotoShout Emails (full html) -each guest a link to their image.  A personalized Promotional opportunity for the sponsor and the Association/Charity
  • fotoShout Drives Guests to Designated Web sites – Opportunity to increase sales, donations, education, etc.
  • Configurable collection of attendee data – email, name, address, surname, star ratings, etc. with signed permission to contact.  Opportunity to build a permission based database by demographics and event.
  • fotoShout Metrics & Reports

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