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Photography Marketing for Music Concerts and Venues

The fotoShout Experience can be applied to concerts, tours and music venues to deliver untapped revenue streams.

The fotoShout Experience is used to increase sponsorship incentives, ticket sales, product endorsements, and merchandise sales. It also generates mailing lists from concert attendees to improve digital music sales, artist/venue awareness and fan club members.

The fotoShout Experience is a self-contained service that provides artists, labels, promoters, tour managers and venues with a method to become more profitable without adding additional strain to their workload. fotoShout works in conjunction with music venues, labels and promoters in order to fulfill the needs of each client and their upcoming concerts. Our experienced team has all the tools necessary to leverage our photography based entertainment and marketing technology to increase concert and venue ROI.

How it Works

fotoShout uses permission based marketing instead of outdated interruptive techniques in order for concerts and venues to attain higher returns. A photo station is setup at each show to capture attendee emails and publishing permissions for the branded (artist/sponsor focused) images we take of them. Each attendee receives a complimentary photograph and we also email them a link to access the digital copy of their image to save and share with friends. The email contains a custom message with a link directing them to a specific online destination (landing page, website or social media channels) where their picture is placed along with targeted promotions and calls to action that could relate to the artist, concert tickets, sponsors or venue. Untapped revenue streams can be found in fotoShout’s ability to direct traffic to specific online destination with unlimited promotional opportunities.

Contact us for more information or click on the links below to learn how fotoShout can drive revenue for your concert, tour or venue.


fotoShout plays an integral part in driving sponsor incentives,  ticket sales and merchandise for concerts and global music tours… more


The fotoShout experience provides music venues with value by generating event awareness, future ticket sales and a limitless digital mailing list of concert goers… more

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