• fotoShout is the only solution that posts images to the sponsors site with permission.
  • fotoShout is the only permission based posting & post event contact imaging software
    1. fotoShout maintains privacy standards
    2. fotoShout keeps companies compliant with privacy laws.
  • fotoShout is the only solution that does not need a live internet connection during the event
    1. Saving thousands on exhibitor fees
    2. Removes the dependency of event venues wi-fi, or mobile data services
  • fotoShout is the only solution that offers a live editing (censoring) before posting
  • fotoShout is the only solution that offers custom branded e-mails sent out with the event image photolink
  • Only fotoShout offers posting to multiple sites at the same time
  • fotoShout, the only solution that drives guests to a specific site

  • fotoShout creates event metrics
  • fotoShout the only solution that allows an authorized company manager, marketing director, etc., to monitor the data being collected, and the images being published live at an event remotely, from any location in the world.  Login to the fotoShout portal, change the publishing of an image from a public site to a private site if deemed necessary from anywhere.

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