The Perfect Social Driven Marketing Activity

fotoShout® is a software based solution that extends the value of branded images into the social stream, capturing guest contact information, dramatically increasing social media interactions, and lead generation. Ultimately driving brand exposure and web traffic to the sponsors sites.  At events, conferences, conventions, fotoShout is a sponsorship opportunity creating positive revenue.  fotoShout® is a complete solution, executing the digital imaging, and the social media activation.

fotoShout® delivers value “Beyond the Click.”


Where do we use fotoShout? Conferences, Gala’s, Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Step N Repeat, Personal  Appearances, Music Concerts & Venues

Why fotoShout?

Increased ROI, increased sales, trackable metrics, detailed reports, publish to sponsors sites not guests site, social interactions increase 5,000%

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We will discuss the details of your events, event workflow, brand exposure, call to action, event metrics, distribution of event images to web & social sites. How we design theme driven green screen backgrounds, overlays, etc.

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