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ORANGE, California, January 3, 2014 – fotoShout™ announced they would be producing a workshop for a limited number of Foto Club Inc. clients on Jan. 28, 2014. The workshop will be held in the offices of Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, in Cypress, California.

Covering the subject matter of;

How to profit from event photography.
Effective Use of Marketing Tools.
Effective use of the Social Media Stream.
Permission Based Marketing
Increasing Brand Exposure, Reach and Web Traffic.

For more information on exact time and venue, please contact Doug Carraway of fotoShout™ at

Today’s ad agencies, brand managers, CMO’s, marketing directors, and event planners, all want to increase brand awareness, establish additional touch points, and continue interaction with their guests at events, and even go beyond as to extending post event activation. They seek track-able metrics with reports and permission to contact their event attendees while maintaining privacy standards.

fotoShout™ co-founder and professional photographer Doug Carraway will be covering these hot topics during the workshops. Technology has changed photography, everyone is now a defacto photographer with their mobile phones with a camera, but that has not diminished the need for professional photographers. Technology has simply made the ability to capture memorable moments more readily available, and with this, it magnifies those photographers who have the ability to effectively use their skills, and have the talent to deliver the desired product. In today’s visual society, companies sell products through branded imaging. In the workshop, find out how using a quality dye sublimation printers from Mitsubishi Electric, and permission based software solution fotoShout™, increase event bookings along with revenues.

Nowadays, companies plan and race to include social media activation at all events possible. To be successful, they need the ability to justify event expenditures through track-able metrics and reports, drive event attendees to a company’s social media sites, not to the guest’s personal sites. Collect e-mail addresses, all while being compliant to legally mandated privacy standards, and obtain signed permission to continue post-event interaction with the attendees. fotoShout™ can help you accomplish this task. Find out how in our workshop. Contact us to register and or get more information.

About fotoShout™
fotoShoutTM provides a software-based solution that seamlessly extends the value of branded images into the social stream, helping brands, and sponsors capture guest contact information with signed permission to contact, dramatically increasing impressions and reach, ultimately driving brand exposure and web traffic. fotoShout™ delivers value “beyond the click.”
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About Foto Club Inc.
A pioneer of the photo digital imaging evolution, Foto Club is a distributor and technical support house of professional digital printing and professional instant printing. Our experts can advise and recommend the right equipment to meet your specific application, and with equipment purchase, tech support and installation (if required) is always available at no additional charge. Foto Club can help and will teach you how to make money with photo equipment purchased. Your success is our success.
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