Your Booth, Your Events, Are They White Labeled?

Should your client, your company spend tens of thousands of dollars to advertise for another firm?  Of course not!  Are the vendors your using white labeling?  Are they rebranding their equipment, outgoing emails, their personnel with your clients, or your company’s brand? 


Simple steps can be taken to increase the events branding recognition, and engagement.  The vendors should label their equipment, computers, etc. with the sponsors logo.

All photographs, all out going emails, should be branded with the event and sponsors logo.

Bands & Orchestra are highly visible. Drums Set, music stands, speakers can be labeled with the event and/or sponsors logo.

Casino Night. Have the table felts branded with
the event, and/or sponsors name.

Hold your vendors accountable. Have your vendors
work with you to engage with your attendees.

An Event Activation should promote the

event and sponsors, not the vendor.

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