The Show Is Over, Now What?

You have packed up the booth, given away all the collateral material and given away all your ad specialties (whatever they might have been). What does your organization have to show for your investment of time and money?



Hopefully, a lot of data collection from either business cards that were collected or badges that were scanned. What happens with the leads generated will determine whether your participation was a wise investment or not.

Turning leads into sales is an art all to itself. If the names from the show are not dealt with effectively and efficiently then the results can be a best guess and not a measurable result. Steps like these are critical and if your organization is a veteran at trade shows then you probably take these steps but if not then the ROI on the endeavor might be an exercise without the desired result.

1. Get show leads into a functional CRM that can track results and follow up after the event.
2. Make sure that all 4 boxes are checked to determine a real prospect from just a name. (If you want to know what those 4 boxes are write us at
3. Follow an old management adage “inspect what you expect” that is, who from management will be tracking results in the CRM to insure a high-quality engagement with all the booth visitors.
4. Quantify the results and do a “postmortem” to find out if the ROI was met, what went right and what should be changed at the next event.

From a review like this, trade show or event participation can improve measurable results or determine a better way to engage prospects.
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